2018 Beer & Fear Bash Event Image

The 2018 Beer & Fear Bash
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Are The Age Requirements To Enter The Event?

A: You MUST be 21 Years Of Age Or Older At Time of Entry.

Q2: What Are The ID Requirements To Enter The Event?

A: You Must Have A VALID Government Issued Photo ID & Be 21 Yrs Old To Enter The Event.

Q3: What Are My Transportation Options For Arriving To And Departing From The Event?

A1: We Have A Separate Ticket Type (Drop Off Gate Entry Tickets) Specifically  For The Drop Off Gate Entrance. They're Solely Designated For Drop Off Guests Arriving Via; Taxi’s, Shuttles, Limos, Carpoolers, Buses, Lyft(ers), Uber(ers), Etc.

A2: The Drop Off Gate Entrance Is Located: 6000 Kersey Valley Rd. Jamestown, NC 27282.

A3: We Have Also Paired Up With Local Hotels (Hotel Packages) And They Offer Discounted Room Rates As Well As Complimentary Shuttle Service To And From The Event.

Click Here For Transportation & Lodging Options

Note: If Possible, We Strongly Suggest Utilizing Drop Off Transportation Options For A Safe & Enjoyable Event. The Drop Off Entrance Saves You $10 (Cost To Park) And Puts You Right Inside The Party Much Quicker Than The Parking Lot Gate.

Q4: What Items Are NOT Allowed Into To The Event?

A1: We Do NOT Allow Any Weapons Or Weapon Like Devices Such As Pepper Spray, Knives Or Pellet Guns.

A2: Umbrellas Will Not Be Allowed Into The Event.

Q5: What Is The Dress Code For The Event?

A1: No Plain White T-Shirts, No Athletic Wear, No Hats, No Baggy Clothing, No Hoodies Of Any Kind, And No Bad Attitudes!

A2: Costumes Are Required To Enter Event With A Strict No Effort=No Entry Policy

A3: If Your Costume Uses A Prop Weapon (Ex. Sword/Gun) The Prop Must Clearly Be A PROP And It MUST Be Plastic.

Note: We Hold A Bare As You Dare Attitude Regarding Costumes For This Event And Have Pulled Together Many Ideas & Options For Both The Fellas And The Ladies...

Click Here To See Costume Ideas

Q6: What's The Refund Policy?

A: NO Refunds NO Exceptions. All Sales Are Final.

Q7: What If I Need Help To Purchase A Ticket Online?

A: Please Call Our Finance Office Directly At (336) 889-1461 Or Email: Billing@Castlemcculloch.Com & We Will Assist With Your Online Purchase.

Q8: How Much Does Parking Cost?

A: Parking Is $10 Per Vehicle (Price Stays The Same For The Entire Event)