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he Castle Presents The 2019, Great Gatsby, New Years Eve Bash

The 2018 Beer & Fear Bash Ticket Info

| TOTAL Online Tickets Remaining | 98 |
Get Your Tickets ASAP To Ensure You Get In To This Outrageous Event!
|  Exclusive Private Lounge Tickets Are SOLD OUT |
| Early Entry Tickets Are SOLD OUT |

  • $34 Discounted Tier-2 Drop Off Gate Ticket
  • $44 Tier-2 Anytime Entry Ticket
  • $39 Tier-2 Early Entry TickeSOLD OUT
  • $69 Tier-2 Early Entry Ticket + Private Lounge Access SOLD OUT
  • $79 Tier-2 Anytime Entry Ticket + Private Lounge Access SOLD OUT
  • $79 *Discounted Tier-2 Drop Off Gate Ticket + Private Lounge Access SOLD OUT
  • $35 Tier-2 Private Lounge Ticket Upgrade (Entry Ticket NOT IncludedSOLD OUT

The 2018 Beer And Fear Bash Costume Contest

An Amazing $1,500 In Cash Prizes!!!

We Welcome A Bare As You Dare Attitude When It Comes To Costumes, To Party To A Whole New Level Of Excitement At The 2018 Annual Beer And Fear Bash!  

We're Proud To Invite Everyone Who Wishes To Do So, To Enter The Triad's Most OUTRAGEOUSLY EPIC Costume Contest! Winners Of The Contest Will Receive CASH Prizes! A Total Of $1,500 Will Be Given Away!

Entry/Sign-Up Into The Costume Contest, Will Be Available At The Great Hall Patio Info Booth, And, In The Pavilion, Near The Main Stage.

The Costume Contest Will Be Conducted On The Main Stage In The Pavilion. The 2018 Beer And Fear Bash Contest Will Be Judged By The Attendees Present. All Winners Will Be Chosen By Crowd Acclaim!

Costume Contest Categories Include:

# 1. Sexiest Female & Sexiest Male = $100 Cash Prize Each

# 2. Scariest Male & Scariest Female = $100 Cash Prize Each

# 3. Most Creative Female & Most Creative Male = $100 Cash Prize Each

Grand Prize Category:

*| Best Overall Costume = $1,000 Cash Prize |*

(If Grand Prize Winner Is Also A Winner Of Another Category, Grand Prize = $900 For A Total Of $1,000,)